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[at-l] 4-day AT Hike

The shelters may indeed fill up (probably will this time of year), and
it indeed may rain, so you will need shelter for everyone hiking. The
4th of July week is a popular one for hiking.

You might consider renting from a camping store. Or borrowing from a

- Gary from Fairfax

Jason Brown wrote:

> My dad and I are planning a 4-day hike on the AT in
> southern PA for the first week in July.  I am trying
> to figure out our sleeping arrangements.  I only have
> a solo tent, is it really necessary to bring a tent or
> are the shelters always available?  I would hate to
> arrive at a full shelter and not have a tent, but I
> don't want to buy a 2-man tent as I am mostly a solo
> hiker.  Any help is appreciated.