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[at-l] Pinkham Notch

Hi Cindy!

They sell backpacking food? I had gotten the impression their selection was
limited to chips and candy. I only need 1 dinner, 2 lunches, some snacks and one
breakfast at that point. I was planning on buying the snacks and lunches anyway,
but somehow a snickers for dinner followed by a kitkat for breakfast no longer
appeals to me. Will they have stuff like ramen noodles or lipton's? I would much
rather buy than maildrop.

Thanks - Gary

MrsGorp@aol.com wrote:

> They sell backpacking food and supplies at the Visitor Center, kinda pricey,
> but you'd only need enough to get you to Gorham, a two day hike north from
> Pinkham. So why mail yourself two days worth of supplies?  The shipping fees
> could be put to use in buying a deli sandwich.