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[at-l] 4-day AT Hike

You have a few choices. You could go and buy a tarp. 8 X 10 should be
pretty roomy for 2, with even the basic BigLots tarp not much more than
4-5 pounds.

You could go out and get him a hammock for around $65 for the original
Hennessey at REI or through the Hennessey website. This is very
comfortable warm weather sleeping, without much need for a mat.

You can chance the shelters, but depending on day of the week, you
could run into a group of flatlanders that don't understand shelter

Also ,you can rent tents at REI and other outfitters to see if you like
the tent for later purchase.


--- Jason Brown <msujay_1997@yahoo.com> wrote:
> My dad and I are planning a 4-day hike on the AT in
> southern PA for the first week in July.  I am trying
> to figure out our sleeping arrangements.  I only have
> a solo tent, is it really necessary to bring a tent or
> are the shelters always available

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