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Newbie Hiker -- Was Re: [at-l] FW: [nct-l] taking the blue blaze off the recipe

--- Charles Copeland <charles@uswnet.com> wrote:
> > 
> > For a practice I am doing section hikes on the Superior Hiking Trail,
> > and eventually I will hike the whole SHT.
> >
> Is it just me or is this really funny to read?
> :-) Charles

### Charles: you have a strange, unwholesome sense of humor. There is
nothing funny about this serious trail.
1) Actually, IIRC, it is known as an international trail.
2) It is known to have some unique wildlife, including a timid yeti.
3) It is partially funded by a regional fund, administered by an appointed
Bureaucrat In General.
4) The remaining funds come from a recreational fund for oldsters called
the Tour Of Unique Geriatric Hikers.
5) It has survived several obnoxious challenges by groups such as the
Demonstrators Undermining Mountainous Beginnings.

Hope this helps. You might be able to get more information from the
website for the central maintaining club


Spatior, Nitor, Nitor, In Nitor!

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