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[at-l] aWFul hostile hostel hikers...

   ###  Persons ripping the insulation out of hotel walls in a drunken
stupor do not
feel validated by threats of traditionalism, they feel they are hiking their
own hike without anyone trampling their sense of freedom by daring to
question it. It isn't me who doesn't see the picture here.


 ### As I said, I am convinced that his effort helped win 3 millions for the
Tract. $Six thousand in contributions for the Place is commendable, 3
for a permanent corridor is epic.

I guess we should adopt the caste system - putting colored dots on our
heads - so that we all know who has contributed what -

What color is for $3,000,000?
What color is for $6,000?
What color is for sitting in front of your computer for 127 hours?

pittsburgh, who gets a sooty black dot - for being sooooooooooooo silly...