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[at-l] Warning for R-n-R

At 07:16 PM 6/15/01 -0400, Rcli3@aol.com wrote:
>I am again about to purchase a lottery ticket with numbers picked by people
>from this list.  When I win I am going to buy the Doyle.  Kahley is going to
>operate it while everyone else does that hike they can't afford to do.  You
>are getting dangerously close to being barred from the Doyle before we ever
>own it.

Barred from the Doyle???  Is that possible?

>  If ya tear the insulation out of the wall

errr....first we have to put some insulation in the walls <g>

>so you can get better
>reception on your cell phone there will be dire consequences.  I think we may
>tie you in a chair and hang Felix's shirt in front of your face.

Is that legal?  Cruel and unusual punishment and all....

>If that
>don't work we will put you in OB's car and yellow blaze you past 2 Avery
>Monitors.  So there take that.

Clyde, you are a cruel cruel man....hilarious but cruel!!!!
Luck to us on the lottery..ours is stuck at 8mil cash....
after taxes that isn't enough for the Doyle....yet...<g>.

>Clyde...The Idiot  :>))
>But we never tell people to shut up....we just stop listening.
>                 Kahley,  the politically correct
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