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[at-l] OCD & HYOH

"I would be curious if it does, but would discourage on-list discussion."

Hey!  My post was meant to be 95% tongue-in-cheek.  That's why I included 
the Oprah reference, the wife caring the tent, the Ivory Billed Woodpecker 
(almost certainly extinct, but perhaps a few in Louisiana spotted), and a 
desire to find worm-wood.

I do admit to being a buggy about my zipper deal, but I toss that out as a 
celebration of a eccentricity!  Don't we all have them?  You should see me 
with a bear bag.

One last thing.  HYOH isn't just about having respect for what others do, 
and minding your own business.  Its also about not letting others (or the 
prevailing wisdom of a given year) impact your hike in a way that's not 
really right for you.  That second part is just as important as the first.  
That's part of the reason I hope R & R and WF continue to talk about hiking 
the Trail in ways that don't require a small fortune for hotels, long town 
stays and beer.  Despite what may come thru here, that is a very large part 
of what they talk about.
They also talk about promoting an outdoor ethic which will in the long run 
allow future generations to hike their own hikes.  That is pretty imprtant 
too, in my book.

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