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[at-l] Burying rocks

> But he's apparently still ignorant, egotistical, arrogant and without
> apparent ability or desire to learn or to change.  And I don't need any
> of it.  He can say what he wants, anyone else can read his garbage, answer
> if they want, whatever - but at least for the forseeable future, I'm outta
> here. I don't need the aggravation, I won't listen to his bullshit, I
> answer his ignorance and arrogance, I won't damage the list any more by
> trying to "welcome" him or "include" him or "reform" him.  It's been a
> time since I've done this to anyone, but as far as I'm concerned R&R is
> "buried" and can be ignored and/or forgotten.
> Walk softly on that fresh dirt,
> Jim


You sound a helluva lot like Wingfoot with your latest discourse.. Damn man,
get a grip and try to determine what it was that crawled up your ass of
late. I had no idea that there had ever been any criteria established for
being a list subscriber.  You have already told me that you don't give a
"damn" about my opinion of your rhetoric and I appreciate your being upfront
with that.  I hope that he stays on the list and that you stay here also..
However, both of you are full of shit and you, at least, was man enough to
admit it.

Please believe me when I say that I admire you and Ginny for your tenacity
and perseverance in achieving the long distance hiking goals that you set
for yourselves..  Should you not "give a damn" what I admire, that is fine
with me also.  But, spare us some of the crap you spew forth constantly with
the venom oozing so visciously that all of us are getting it right in the

Know me to be your friend.