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[at-l] Warning for R-n-R


I am again about to purchase a lottery ticket with numbers picked by people 
from this list.  When I win I am going to buy the Doyle.  Kahley is going to 
operate it while everyone else does that hike they can't afford to do.  You 
are getting dangerously close to being barred from the Doyle before we ever 
own it.  If ya tear the insulation out of the wall so you can get better 
reception on your cell phone there will be dire consequences.  I think we may 
tie you in a chair and hang Felix's shirt in front of your face.  If that 
don't work we will put you in OB's car and yellow blaze you past 2 Avery 
Monitors.  So there take that.

Clyde...The Idiot  :>))

But we never tell people to shut up....we just stop listening.

                Kahley,  the politically correct

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