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[at-l] NPS Morning Report

For those of you not watching Lakers v Sixers Game
The Discovery Channel will air a show entitled "On the
Inside - Rangers: 'Cops in the Woods'" this evening at
9 p.m. EDT.  The program features law enforcement
problems in six parks (North Cascades, Mount Rainier,
Yosemite, Organ Pipe Cactus, Smokies, Blue Ridge, and 
Shenandoah), including illegal border crossings,
poaching, and wildfire. 
Be interesting to see how many HYOH thruhikers/section
hikers are apprehended by the authorities in GSMNP and

Thanks again Kahley for posting the site. 


I also found the story about punching the brown bear
in the nose quite interesting.

Steve - who will be watching the game and taping the
Discovery Channel

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