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[at-l] Access to Baxter State Park

>Roaring Brook CG is on the 'wrong side' of the mountain, fer one. If
>you are willing to hump a pack filled with gear and food to get you from 
>Baxter to Monson up and over Katahdin, you're a better man than I, Gunga 


My thought, which I now recognize as flawed and unethical, was to suggest he 
make a reservation at Roaring Brook but to stay at the thru hiker site at 

For the record I did hump my full pack from Roaring Brook over Kahtahdin 
then on to Monson.  Whats more, I reached Monson with enough extra food that 
I had that maildrop forwarded to Stratton.  After Stratton, my next drop was 
in Gorham.

I'm not sure that makes me a better man than you, just one who didn't have 
all today's resources to learn about hiking the Trail.   In retrospect, 
carrying the extra weight over Kahtahdin could have easily caused some 
mechanical damage to my body, and wasn't a good idea at all for that reason.

Rick Boudrie
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