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[at-l] WF and Saddleback in Maine

Since it came up on more than one occasion, I just have to share my

I was very active with the Saddleback issue here in Maine. I spoke with both
Colins and Snowe on the issue, in their offices in Maine and Washington, and
attended most of the public hearings (7 of 10 that I knew about). Dan
Bruce's name and the Center for AT Studies never came up. Not once.

ALDHA, the ATC and the AMC were prominent players. The Center for AT Studies
and WF were a non-issue from what I could see.

Sorry to burst any bubbles on the effect that WF had on the issue here in
Maine. I think the single place he has the most impact is on this mailing


ps There was a notice in another post about the large land tract that the
Nature Conservancy purchased for pennies on the dollar in Western Maine.
Well they logged it. Clearcut it in fact. It's not in a "view area," though
it's visible from one of my favorite canoe trips. I'm a life member, and
when I sent a letter in asking why they did such a thing, the answer was
disappointing but not surprising. The justification was that clearcutting
the property was the best way to raise enough money to protect more land in
Maine. Clearcutting was much cheaper than selective cutting and yielded much
more profit. "The trees will grow back. Land will not." I kid you not.