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[at-l] hostel needs help in 2002...

There is a new hostel in the Caledonia/Pine Grove area of PA.  1997
thru-hiker, Junker (Robert Freeman), lives on route 233 just 4 miles north
of Caledonia State Park.  He built a small hostel on his property, plus a
privy, and has put up a large tent, and is planning to put in a kitchen and
shower, etc.  He is presently hosting and shuttling hikers daily...

Junker will be hiking again next season, and needs someone to oversee the
hostel operation from June through September 2002.  There is no pay
involved - this is a "hand-shake" situation.  The operating capital will
come from the fees charged for the hostel and for shuttling...

So, if you want to spend next season in service to hikers, send me an email,
and i'll pass the info on to Junker...