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[at-l] Re: [at-l]WFwas R 'n R's Apology For Traditionalism

At 03:50 PM 6/12/01 -0400, RoksnRoots@aol.com wrote:

uh oh...here we go.... dancing on the edge of "long term damage"
Oh well...bout time.

>      I suppose a WF critic could accuse that traditionalism, as WF sees it,
>is merely a position created in order to attack AT*L,

that's the silliest thing you have ever said....we have no stated position on
traditionalism..Of course WE have no group positions at all.  Except, I bet
WE all agree that trashing or barfing all over a church hostel is a bad 
anyone still have that url...could you pass it on to R&R.....

>I guess what I would describe
>traditionalism as is an attempt to fight the inertia occurring when the Trail
>is subject to new numbers and types being attracted to it. The demographic
>has changed from the solo seeker to the general public interested in the
>outdoors. The Trail itself has gained a certain mystique and in turn has
>attracted more attention. Websites then even attract more public attention
>and the interest snowballs. This is not meant to determine who is fit or
>eligible for the Trail or discriminate, rather, it is meant to exert a
>protective description of what should be done to uphold the Trail's original
>intention. AT attention attracters hold a responsibility to compensate for
>their affect on the Trail.

OK!  Now I get it!!!  Finally, the pieces fall into place.  dan is on a 
guilt trip!
He feels guilty that he has written the Handbook laying out just where to
find all the encroachment of trail services and has enabled lots of folks 
like Rick
referenced...people who need a little shove to do a thru, and thus 
and overpopulating the trail!

So he wants to mitigate that by..........by........help me here........
how is he seeking to mitigate that effect?  Oh yeah....by banning
cellphones and drinking...  And when that doesn't work.....
quotas and permits and lotteries.

R&R, IIRC, you are a big fan of the founders...
How do you align original intent with quotas?   I have to admit, from
what I've heard about GA in the Spring, it's not my thing.  That's why
I planned to go north from PA and then south from PA.  Lottsa ways
to avoid the crowd.  Is dan pushing alternate schedules now?
I'd respect that approach....

Hmmmmph...if he was serious about cutting down the numbers he
could shut down TP and stop writing the Handbook.  Then those folks
Rick referenced would either not hike or wait till they could do it without
"a little help".  Then we tear down the shelters and stop maintaining it
and let the woods reclaim all but the merest shadow of the trail and
all those who wander will have a traditional journey?

Or .....we can accept what the AT has become...hiker 101.  Now I'm
not talking about a thru...or the Whites or Maine or any part of the 
Trail.  I'm
just saying than a wise person, when I asked why she no longer hikes the
AT, told me it was a super highway and she now liked back roads better.
I pressed for more and she said I'd figure it out for myself.

One of my hikers this year has left the AT.  He praised the people but said
the experience was too linear.   He's looking for back roads now <g>. He
learned what he needed from the AT and is searching for new lessons to learn.

Lottsa people, just starting out,  feel they need those things and the
AT provides them.  It's fame entices people to try hiking...it draws them 
out of the
cities as in the original intent.  They spread out from there to wilder trails
where there aren't privies and lottsa people around for company every night.
They find wilder places.

Or....they find they like what the AT offers.  The founders
spoke of the value of community.  and I'm not talking about the physical
camp community, but of the gathering of kindred spirits and the effects
that the outdoor life has on the way people relate to each other.  There is
such a restorative value in that!!!  "The People"  that's the phrase you 
even from people who have left the Trail because they've had enough.
They still say they will miss the people. Finding that connection...being
in a place that tends to bring out the best in people surely is a worthwhile
pursuit.  Maybe some people only hike for the social scene but they still
hike and hopefully they still care!!!!

If so, , we gain another allie in the fight to get trails funded and maybe 
more people
willing to work to build more trails so there will be more room for all the 
new hikers
that TP is breeding.   I like that idea better than quotas....

Some folks think you are WF in disguise.  If that's true, or if you have 
some special
insight into his motives I have learned a lot here today.  If that is 
what's bugging
dan, the fact that he has realized that he has become the internet version 
of Bryson,
that the party scene described in some of the journals he published is 
helping to turn
the Trail into a 2000 mile long "spring break"....well that speaks 
volumes.  And as more
people use the internet, that effect will widen..

But i still think he's barking up the wrong tree with his solution.
He shut down the Journals....they just moved elsewhere.  The party 
I think that's a bigger sign of the times than anything else.  dan didn't
invent partying, he just helped a lot of people learn about a new place to 
do it.

He has had a part in opening Pandora's box ...he has to live with the 
and so do we.

Signed K....who has MIXED feelings about this