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[at-l] Re: Burns hurt Pepsi Can stove follies

Yep, that late fatigue and distraction can get you every time. That stove 
creates quite an impressive pressurized flame that isn't all that easy to 
see, with vapors that are pretty easily spread. Thank goodness alcohol 
isn't as explosive as gasoline, or these stoves would be decent bombs 
rather than primitive flash grenades. I know I was lulled into over 
confidence with the ease of making the stove and the safety and familiarity 
with alcohol.

Status of the burns: The spots surrounding my watch strap have 
re-epithelialized well. The line over my radius has started healing and 
covering fairly abruptly this week over that past 2-3 days. It was 
originally about 4-5 inches by 1 inch and now is about a quarter of the 
size in 2 segments. The large burn over my flexor muscles and ulna have 
begun to cover with one section about to meet skin across the original 
burn. But it is still at least 3/4 the size of the original. The 3 dark 
soft eschars have resolved with entirely second degree characteristics. It 
is still very tender and a continuous reminder of the event and stupidity. 
Hair regrowth adds itchiness to the intrinsic entertainment value.


At 04:00 PM 6/6/2001 -0400, Kenneth Knight wrote:
>It is a late night dinner. All dinners on Isle Royale for us were late. It 
>isn't dark yet. I had
>filled my Photon with fuel and lit it. I had been holding the match too 
>long and dropped it on the
>table I thught still lit. The stove was flaming yellow in a spot and so 
>was the match. I didn't want
>toe match to burn on the table so I leaned over and blew hard. Something 
>went out; then a whoomp ...