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[at-l] Re: Burns hurt Pepsi Can stove follies

I'm coming in late on this. I had a similar experience with a Photon stove on Isle Royale. I may
have sent a note about it already, but I'm not sure now which lists got my gear reports and which
did not.

It is a late night dinner. All dinners on Isle Royale for us were late. It isn't dark yet. I had
filled my Photon with fuel and lit it. I had been holding the match too long and dropped it on the
table I thught still lit. The stove was flaming yellow in a spot and so was the match. I didn't want
toe match to burn on the table so I leaned over and blew hard. Something went out; then a whoomp and
something re-lit and I wsa the owner of lots of cinged hair. The yellow flame had always been the
stove at the base. I huffed that out and the stove promptly re-lit from the very hot alcohol vapors.
It lit explosively and my hair suffered for it. This could have been much worse than it was.

Moral: don't bother blowing out a match. Also, always assume the alcohol stove is burning even if
you do not see a flame. Fnally, don't ever bother trying to blow one out. It isn't worth the effort.
You can get a Trangia out by covering it with its simmer ring, but that can be tricky too (we
watched a bit of shelter floor burn blue one night last year when a fellow hiker tried to put mine
out and knocked it over still aflame).

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