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[at-l] Help a hiker in need???????????

HI Guy;
I am still in Erwin having a great time at Janet's.
I have one request. We have a hiker here who has
injured their knee to the point of needing surgery.
(No not me). What we would request is that if someone
who would be in the erwin are heading north let us
know. She needs to get to Salisbury, NH. Any help
getting her there would be appreciated. You can reply
to this email or themissjanet@yahoo.com
Thanks in advance
Oh by the way I now have a journal up on
trailjournals.com. Just look for Shakeyleggs, the link
for my trail name doesn't work yet

GA>ME 2001
A.K.A. Shakeyleggs

A bad day on the trail is still so much better than a great day at work


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