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[at-l] forgot the Photon stove

I used a Photon stove on the Isle Royale trip. It worked grat. But, either I am not good at using it
it mine burns more fuel than normal. I tend to believe the former. I think I probably used more fuel
than I would have if I had used my Trangia. But, man it burns hot and you can get some great fire
effects out of it.

Here is an example. I had lit it and dropped the match on the table. I thought hte match was still
lit so I leaned over to blow it out. Ithe match wasn't lit. The yellow flame was a bit of the stove
flame. I blew out the stove and then it re-lit quite vigorously from the hot vapors that were still
coming out. I singed quite a bit of hair.

I also left the fuel cap off once. Don't do that! You get one BIG jet of yellow flame A pot standing
on that jet absorbs it pretty well, but the fuel sure burnt fast that time.

Finally, DO NOT try boil-in-bag omelets with this stove without some sort of simmer device (I don't
have Don's device; I need it). The boil is very fierce and actually melted a bit of the plstic bag
the omelet was in. Also, it didn't last quite long enough to really cook the omelet. I had some
white runny egg in there. I suppose it was like fried egg, but I avoided that portion of the meal.
The Trangia is better for this even without the simmer ring on it.

  ** Ken **

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