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[at-l] Help a hiker in need???????????

I'm sorry to not have let everyone know what happend
with Amy. She is home at this moment. She decided to
take a bus instead. Sorry to not keep you all
--- Snodrog5@aol.com wrote:
> Hi Bob and Miss Janet
>  What ever happened to the hiker in need? I offered
> to help, but never heard 
> anything back.
> TJ
> -----------------------------------
> Subj:   Re: [at-l] Help a hiker in need???????????  
> Date:   6/5/01 3:13:20 PM Eastern Daylight Time 
> From:   <A HREF="mailto:Snodrog5";>Snodrog5</A>    
> To:     <A
> <A
> "We have a hiker here who has
> injured their knee to the point of needing surgery.
> (No not me). What we would request is that if
> someone
> who would be in the erwin are heading north let us
> know. She needs to get to Salisbury, NH. "
> Hi Bob and MissJanet
> Maybe we could pass her along in relay fashion!
> I live about 60 minutes south from Salisbury NH. I
> could help out a bit, say 
> by driving as far as Hartford CT to pick her up and
> drive her home on a 
> weekday. 
> Let me know if I can help,
> TJ
> (aka John Gordon, Lawrence MA 978.683.0467)

Bob A.K.A. Shakeyleggs
GA>ME 2001

A bad day on the trail is still so much better than a great day at work


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