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[at-l] Hike miles 2001

Sun, 03 Jun 2001 17:44:31 -0400
Gary Ticknor <garyticknor@starpower.net> wrote:

>>   ... I tented almost all
>> the way except at luxuriuous Ed Garvey Shelter.  ...
>> SLIM aka Nancy
>How far away and down is the water source?
>- Gary from Fairfax

I stayed there the weekend before last. A beautiful, superb shelter. Would
have definitely deserved one of those "Garvey Approved" stickers so
prevalent in the '80s and early '90s. It's two stories, made of some HUGE
well-crafted logs with chinking in between. The second story has a
"ladder/staircase" up to it, a door, and windows. Also upstairs there's a
montage of photos of Ed doing Trail activities as kind of a tribute to him.

The official spring is 0.4 (long, steep) mile down a well-marked blue blazed
trail. It flows well from a pipe. There is another "unofficial" spring much
closer, but it must be VERY seasonal. If you get there after LOTS of rain or
snowmelt you might want to check it out--after the fifth blue blaze down to
the official spring (counting from the shelter) look left. There is a well
worn path, unblazed. Follow it about 100 yds (maybe a little more) and
you'll find a new white pipe sticking out of the rocks. If you're lucky
water will be flowing from it. It was dry as a bone in late May despite
recent rains.