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[at-l] Mt Washington

    I just came back from a outing club trip to New Hampshire (NH).   Brought 
12 girls, 2 boys, and 6 adults to Crystal Lake with intentions of climbing Mt 
Washington on Saturday 6/2/01.  Arrived in Pinkham Notch to turrential rains. 
 (2 inches)  We hiked up to Hermit Shelters at the base of Tuckerman Ravine.  
We stopped for lunch then headed back down the trail.  Reports from the 
summit we 31 degrees with 50 mph winds and freezing rain.  No a good place to 
be. The kids all thanked me for a good time dispite the weather.  
    They learned a bit about the properties of wet cotton.  I anticipated the 
discomfort and potential danger by bringing some of my own synthetic 
clothing, polartec fleece, etc.  Had some of them change into my extra 
clothing at the caretakers cabin.  These kids can afford the hiking clothes 
they just find the cotton more fashionable.  On the way home today,  I asked 
them what they learned on the trip.  The reply I heard most often was to ask 
for fleece for birthday gifts.