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[at-l] Nat'l Trail Days - Silar Bald

In a message dated 6/3/01 11:17:43 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
orangebug74@yahoo.com writes:

> Curious, did you take the storm bypass for Clingman's to the parking
> lot or stay on the AT? 

Well, we did take that trail, but not as a storm bypass, but because it was a 
new trail to us. In fact, we contemplated NOT taking it because of the storm. 
There were a ton of slippery rocks and lots and lots of water on the trail 
and we were warned away by a couple different people. But, being in a mood 
for an adventure, we went anyway. It was fun, but I wouldn't have minded the 
trail to Clingman's either. It was ALL fun. I want to go back. Now. 


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