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[at-l] We're back

Joe just droped me off back in Ann Arbor. He is driving through downtown Ann Arbor zipping towards a
cup of coffee and Flushing even as I type this.

Our trip to Isle Royale and a few other places has come to a close. We had a gerat time on the
island. Even though the weather wasn't wht you would consider ideal the trip was still a lot of fun.
We had rain, we had sun, we even had frost. We sighted 7 (or for me 3 and maybe 1) moose. We saw a
fox up close. We encountered numerous loons, morganser, pileated woodpekcers, mysterious other
denizens of the forests that we could not at the time identify. We only had to fight off a few
biting bugs. We had a great time.

I will be posting a trip journal and plenty of pictures within a couple of days after I sort
everything out that has happened here while I was away.

  ** Ken **

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