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[at-l] Help me plan my 4th

I went by REI today and did a little investigating (I coulnd't put my
hands on my own BMT maps).

Your loop is 12 miles of Duncan Ridge Trail after Slaughter Gap and
then about 17 miles of BMT (Maps 2 & 3). The rest is all AT. The
sections of BMT are pretty cool, as you cross the Toccoa River on the
suspension bridge. You have a GA 60 road crossing. The BMT maps offer
profiles and some water information. (For those wondering about this
loop, it is a 60+ mile loop from Slaughter Gap near Blood Mt, NW along
the Duncan Ridge Trail, South along the Benton McKaye Trail then East
on the AT from Long Creek Falls.)

This loop has always looked interesting to me. It looks even better. I
wish my daughter's BF was coming some other time, or I'd ask if I could
tag along.


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