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[at-l] Hi from Erwin

Hi Everyone;
I am currently in Erwin. I am working on making a
website for Miss Janet. So I have been here a few days
and will prolly be here a few days more. If you want
to see what myself and another thru-hiker by the name
of Taz have come up with here is the addy;
www.appalachiantrailhiker.com I hope you like it. My
hike is going better now that my knees have healed.
But they are still a bit sore at times. At least one
thing I will not be able to wish for and that is that
I should have slowerd down. I am still having fun. It
looks like a flip may be in my future. KOOL Welp catch
you all later. 

GA>ME 2001
A.K.A. Shakeyleggs

A bad day on the trail is still so much better than a great day at work


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