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Re: [at-l] Can we talk about socks?

Ditto on my experience with Smart Wools. I don't use a sock liner and have 
gotten a few minor and quickly resolved blisters on small toes - apparently 
from balancing or attempting to grab the trail with my toes on hills. I've 
never found them hot, even in summer. They can wear out, even when they are 
still the loftiest (is that a word?) sock in the drawer. I've simply had to 
make the rule that these socks stay in my pack between trips and never go 
into my sock drawer until worn out from trail use.

I've tried Thorlos and did not like them. They don't seem to have as much 
cushion and support. But I've never seen a Thorlo with similar cushion to 
the Smartwools. I've also been happy with a dark green poly sock purchased 
at Fontana - but not enough to recall the brand (Wigwam?). I'm beginning to 
suspect my Vasque Clarions on their second insoles are in need of 
replacement, but I love those SmartWools.


At 10:35 AM 9/27/2000 -0700, Shari Guida wrote:
>Anyway...i love my Smart Wools. I like several different weights, but i
>guess i prefer the heaviest weight for long-distance backpacking. And i
>wear them with a polypro sock beneath them.

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