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[at-l] Treasure the memories

As some of you know, a very close friend of mine (ours) has had a tough week. 
A young man she considered her second son was killed in a fatal auto accident 
attributed to mechanical failure. The funeral is today and I would like to 
pass on part of an email she sent last night.

<<Light a candle, say a prayer, chant, drink a glass of wine, take a hike, or 
even just close your eyes for a moment - however you do it, at 11:30 
tomorrow, please think of him, and the incredible person he was, although you 
never knew him, and the incredible person he will never have a chance to be 
now. >>

and she continues...

<<If nothing else, this is a sad, serious reminder that you should tell the 
people you care about that you care, and often.  You never know when it will 
be the last time - and I will always be grateful that one of the last things 
he and I said to each other, before he got in that Jeep, was that we loved 
each other.  He would have been 17 next month.>>

Take a minute right now and tell the people you care about just what they 
mean to you. Don't forget to take pictures of everyday life - those are those 
most poignant memories of all.  And please, spend a moment this morning, 
during your busy day, to think of our friend, her family and everyone else 
that loved and cared about this young man. 

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