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[at-l] Fall in New England

Take a look at Mt. Washington today :(http://www.mountwashington.org/cam/index.html


Observer's Comments: A crisp, clear sky and chilly temperatures. A new daily record low for the day of 23 degrees, beating the old record of 24 degrees set in 1938. 

Looks like a beautiful New England fall day in the mountains. Might be a bit nippy, but it is one on my favorite kind of days to hike in.  Fall has always been my favorite time to hike; less people, cool weather. The leaves will be turning soon. A quilt of reds, gold, yellows, oranges and dark green pines will soon be covering the mountain sides.  Would not mind taking two weeks off to do some backpacking in my old stomping grounds of the Whites....

Mags (90 degrees in Colorado, still wearing shorts, wish I was in the mountains I can see from the building where I work. :( )

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