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[at-l] Re: Trip Reports

Kahley wrote:

These reports are great!! More of that unifying stuff that Pittsia

We couldn't agree with you more! Spending hours reading these reports
have been the best "wasted time" used in quite awhile. Why not compile
all the reports in their entirity, and make a HATT 2000 memoirs book to
sell to raise some of the funds that Pitts was talking about for next
year. If each and every hiker wrote his/her take on the trip....even
those who had to end their trip for various reasons, or even those who
had to cancel, and how they felt about that....it just might make quite
a few pages. Perhaps showing a brief map of the section hiked/ or
planned by each. 

One reason for this is to show a REAL view of the trail, from all types
of people. When we started looking at purchasing reading materials about
the AT, we found alot of books with single reflections on that one
persons trials and tribulations. That was wonderful.....but it didn't
show unique contrasts like we would have liked to read. Lets face
it.....when contemplating an AT hike of any perportion, its best not to
be delusioned into what was written by only a few.

This is something we would be willing to help compile, as others may
wish to as well.
Just an idea to kick around........

Landslides & Furtrappers 


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