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[at-l] Re: Re Making a tent fly

OK, I need to toss my two cents in here (and given inflation over the 
past 20 years I suppose they're now a bit more than two cents).

I was actually in a flying tent in Arkansas some 20 years ago. I was on a 
three week road trip with several other kids and the adult trip 
organizer. We had stopped in Arkansas somewhere for the night to camp. I 
ended up in a big dome tent all by myself. The people that would normally 
have been my companions that night decided to sleep in the van. A big 
wind came up during the night and all of a sudden the tent and I were 
moving through the air. We were deposited a few meters, pretty much right 
side up, from our initial location. I don't now remember if I spent the 
rest of the night in the van or if I got the tent re-pitched and stayed 
in it. I suspect I spent the rest of the night in the van.

My tent and I flew.

  ** Ken **

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