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[at-l] Re: Re Making a tent fly

I'll second this statement. They make great stuff. I've got the 2-person 
tent (love it, so much space and very light. In warmer months, especially 
on the AT with all the shelters, it is more than I need and I'll probably 
either get a tarp or something like the Integral Designs Sil Shelter), a 
vapor barrier shirt (great in the winter - keeps you really warm as long 
as you are moving), vapor barrier socks (they work OK, but not as well as 
I had hoped), and the poncho which certainly does a great job of keeping 
the rain and wind at bay.

I guess the only things I don't have are the rain jacket which I have no 
reason to get and the sleeping bag which although it is probably insanely 
comfortable is heavier and bulkier tahn I want to carry especially in 
warmer months.

  ** Ken **

On 9/5/2000 1:30 AM Jim Mayer jmayer@rochester.rr.com wrote:

>Stephenson's makes wonderful (but expensive) light weight tents and has been
>using silnylon fabric for years.

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