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[at-l] Iodine Stains

Hi all,

I should probably be writing to Hints from Heloise
about this, but I thought I'd ask y'all first, seeing
as y'all are generally a bright bunch, and this is a
(sort-of) hiking-related question ...

Several of the iodine crystals in my bottle of Polar
Pure jumped out of their bottle last night (of their
own accord, of course) and landed on my beige carpet.
I picked most of them up, then vacuumed the area, but
apparently not all of them got vacuumed, because now I
have six beautiful orange stains on the carpet now.
Anybody have any idea how I could get rid of iodine
stains? I'm renting this place from my parents, and my
mom is going to kill me when she sees this ...

82 more days
(if my mom doesn't kill me first)

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