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Re: [at-l] knees

>>> "Nancy Juodenas" <nancylj@mindspring.com> 03/27/00 10:04PM >>>
Just found out today that I will have to have knee surgery.  <snip> The Dr. seems to think I'm too old to put me through the ligament repair, which means a recovery period of up to 9 months. (I'm 50).  My feeling about it is, anything that will let me hike again, I'm willing to do what it takes. 

1) So glad I met you at the Ruck.
2) FWIW, IMObservation, you love your (kindergarten) job, you love hiking, you're an alive and mobile person. I know people half your age who're not.
3) You're asking a question which is almost weekly asked on the running list, prefaced by "the doctor says that at my age, ..."
4) If you are struck down at the stroke of midnight on your 80th birthday, that leaves you TWENTY-NINE YEARS to follow in Earl Shaffer's footsteps. Nine months don't seem like much of any time a'tall.
5) I do not know the complete menu of upsides and downsides on the alternative(s) available to you, I'm just making the observation that "nine months" seems a narrow criterion to make a choice which you will have to live with for (the many years of) the rest of your life.
Keep us posted, OK?

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