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Re: [at-l] security...

I'm going to push Pittsburgh aside to step up on his soapbox....

<<   Never rely on the "goodwill" of others. >>

I am assuming you mean this in direct relation to employment because you, of 
all people, know how wonderful it is when others rely on your "goodwill".  
Felix coming off the mountain frozen, wet and hungry comes to mind as an 
immediate example. I think it's okay to rely on others as long as that 
reliance isn't used as a crutch or an excuse for not being responsible for 

I know Pittsburgh meant the "don't rely on anyone" to relate to your 
employment, but I try to live my life by the same principles whether I am at 
work or at play. I have had the "security" pulled out from under my feet, 
both in my professional life as well as my personal life. Each time, I have 
found it has lead to new adventures and a more rewarding lifestyle.  

 <<   Always assume that others do not have your best interests at heart.  >>

You would think that with all the times I have been spit at, cursed, struck, 
etc, that I would have this frame of mind. This idea that the only person who 
can always be trusted to have my best interests at heart is myself. But, I 
don't. Maybe it is my personal makeup, maybe I am just too trusting, maybe I 
am just "too nice" (as I have been accused of) but I really prefer to think 
that the majority of people, and an overwhelming majority of hikers DO have 
my best interests at heart.

Now, does this mean I am niave and let everyone in the world take advantage 
of me? No, it doesn't mean that at all so none of you get any ideas!  It does 
mean that sometimes I have negative experiences, but on the flip side, I am 
open to learning new skills, having adventures and developing great 
friendships because I trust before I mistrust.


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