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Re: [at-l] jobs

The unifying spirit of this thread that seemed to elicit such a wide
response seems to be that our common interest in backpacking has led
each of us to be willing to drop a corner of a veil of privacy in order
to share just a bit about who we are and what we do in order to accrue
the funds neccesary to pursue the shared passion for disappearing into
the woods for weeks and months at a time. I don't think it nurtures a
spirit of trust and openess amongst us to cast aspersions upon someones'
proud proclamation of lifestyle or chosen occupation, as long as they
are not stipulating that their chosen profession is illegal or immoral.
I think it's great that KC is willing to share with one and all of us
that she is a former cop. I mean, it's not as if she proudly proclaimed
to be a pharmaceutical CEO whose company donates out-of-date and
deteriorated drugs to developing nations in order to profit from the tax
And she's obviously proud to be a leather-designer to a community that
many of us are not familiar with ( or at least pretend we're not
familiar with )....I personally see some net-working opportunities
hovering about that could help salvage some retirement accounts after
Nasdaq and the Nyse head south for an eventual reality check: does not
anyone else see what a collaboration amongst a BDSM designer, a few
Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, and Software Designers could
produce. We even have Nurses and Drs. to tend to the inevitable
testing-phase casualties, and Marketing and Ad people to sell the final
products...I see a cyber-hyker commercial juggernaut of a company just
itching to be born. I bet we even have a few millionaire hikers out
there who could invest some start up capital. And I know there are some
poet/philosophers out there who could chart an ethical path through the
jungle of judgemental conventionality
that might impede any potential products' marketability...and lets not
forget the writers, whose multidimensional skills could drive sales out
of a niche market arena into the limitless potential of mainstream
   And last but not least, the lawyers, and whatever it is they do re:
product liability, and settlement negotiation to protect our product
image from the inevitable failures to operate as advertise. Any company
that mixes leather and electronics must expect that a few customers may
fail to read the instructions/safety-disclaimers in their haste to
experience whatever thrill our ad department may promise them. 
    What a wonderfully diverse and skilled community we hikers are! Now
if someone could just invent a pill that would toughen feet....


" How often I found where I should be going only by setting out for
somewhere else "
R. Buckminster Fuller

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