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Re: [at-l] security...

<<   Never rely on the "goodwill" of others. >>
<<   Always assume that others do not have your best interests at heart.  >>

It does seem odd that I would have what may be perceived as a "negative"
outlook on life, but that is not the case.  There is much goodwill in this
world, and there are many people that actually do have your best interests
at heart.  BUT, to "rely" on it or "assume" that it will be there is the

As far as employment is concerned, "job security" is an oxymoron.  To assume
that you will have a job tomorrow is foolish.  To rely on the goodwill of
your employer is foolish.  How many people have put off hikes because they
were "indispensable" at work - because their employer just "can't survive"
without them - because "no one else can do the job?"  Well, let me tell
you - I am regularly employed by companies that have let go of their
"valued" employees.  You see, "the numbers" (read $$$$$) often dictate it.
I get hired as a temp employee - the money to pay me comes from some obscure
overhead budget - the employer gets the job done with us temp types - and
the employers budget remains in line.  The "indispensable" employee is now
hiking to the unemployment office...

Hey, "the numbers" drive business - and there are a gazillion temps out.
So, quit your job and take your hike.  If you are so "valuable", your job
will be there when you return.  But, more likely, the time following your
hike will be yet another adventure - with rewards and options that you had
never considered...

Pittsburgh the Subversive

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