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[at-l] Life with Earthworm

My life with Earthworm started in the summer of '67. She was a hippy
chick travelling with the Jimi Hendrix Experience (She was Mitch
Mitchell's "Love Worm". I still laff at that.) Anyway, I was travelling
around the country with my parent's. (They operated an "Elephant Ear"
stand and followed all the big rock bands around. Hippy chicks dig big,
greasy chunks of fried dough.) Anyway, I was sitting on the back of the
Streamline (we had a 20 footer) one day when Mitch and his entourage
walk by. Sounded like he and the Wormette were arguing. I think she was
crying. Anyway, Mitch and the others left, and Linda just stood there,
"There, there" I said, spinning the tire of my bike, strapped to the
back of the camper. (The bike was strapped, not me. At least, I don't
think I was. I can't remember, to be honest.)
"Are you talking to me?" she asked.
"Um, sure. Why ya cryin'?" I asked in my 18 year old, midwestern,
monotone voice.
"Well, I don't think you'd understand. You're to young!" Well, I wasn't
too young to understand that hippy chicks didn't wear bras. I miss the
60s. Anyway, we talked for a while and decided to go for a walk. I got
us a couple of Elephant Ears (mine free, hers at half price) and walked
around the Promenade surrounding the fair grounds.
Next thing I know, me and Earthworm are in the back of a watermellon
truck travelling around the south. What a summer we had. She taught me
about love and roulette. I taught her about mammals and plea bargains.
What a wild time. Speaking of thyme, the winshield wipers were keeping
thyme off the windshield.

Ah, life with Earthworm...

Anyway, since then I've more or less become John Mellencamp's
groundskeeper, poolboy and personal whippin' boy. At least I was at 5:00
this p.m. We'll, see if I am at 5:00 in the a.m. tomorrow. (Oh, yeah,
sometimes I'm a stand-in in porno movies. I think it's the hairy

Felix J. McGillicuddy
ME-->GA '98
"Your Move"

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