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Re: [at-l] Dogwood Half-Hundred

When hiking up on Massanutten Mouton las Sunday, I noticed signs for something
called the OD 100 - something about a 100 mile(!) 24 hour endurance run. The
trail I was coming down where I saw this was STEEP! Rocky, too. Anyone know
anything about this nonsense? And before the flames come pouring in, Mr
Horton, my nephew run marathons and came in 4th in the Marine Corps Marathon.
But THAT particular form of insanity doesn't run (pun, see) in this family.

- Gary from Fairfax, whose nephew thinks he crazy to hike when he could run ;)

> Just learned that the PATC Dogwood Half-Hundred filled in record time this
> year - two weeks.  If you decided to wait, now it's too late.
> Chainsaw

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