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Re: [at-l] Occupations: { was Life with Earthworm }

Hi, I'm a displaced refugee hiker/kayaker,
      currently pretty much house-bound in         Dixieland caring for
my very ill paraplegic mother. About the only hiking I get to do is in
Wal-Mart and the local thrift-store ( from which I have managed to put
together an almost complete gear-list for less than $78, so far. Still
looking for a few essentials though, like an almost new down bag...Found
a brand new Columbia Bugaboo Jacket with fleece liner for $12 last week!
Heavy but cheap....So, as for the initial thread question, I guess I've
been running a one patient, one nurse nursing home for seven years. My
pre-caregiver incarnation involved any type of legal work that did not
require close contact with carcinogens or boredom, so that I could save
enough bucks for another foray into the woods. I was spectacularly
unsuccessful, but rarely bored, as hunger is a wonderful way to focus
ones' attention: I was a homeless hiker, and aspire to be so once more,
for the most satisfying way to be at home in the woods is to not have a
home that is not in the woods....


" How often I found where I should be going only by setting out for
somewhere else "
R. Buckminster Fuller

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