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[at-l] My last post >sniff<

Well, folks... I'm off!
My last day of work ends in less than three hours, and I will be leaving for Atlanta (where Auntie POG will pick me up) on Saturday. I won't have this e-mail address anymore after today, and I have LOADS of stuff to get done, so I am signing off. Thank you all for the great advice, and great laughs you have shared with me.
I can't wait to meet a lot of you along the way... Trail Fest, Trail Days, Spivey Gap AT-L Trail Maintenance, Hopeful's Birthday, HATT, Pittsburgh's party, etc.etc.etc.
I made a dorky little Web page at http://kristenk.homepage.com ... it links directly to my journal at www.trailjournals.com, too.
Also, you can e-mail me while I'm on the trail at kristen@backpacker.com ... but please don't send jokes or forwards there.
I'll be in touch!!
*blowing kisses to all*