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[at-l] re: what puts the food on the table..

Lesse..in the past I have worked in  an Emergency Room and an operating
room as an orderly (basic level EMT training....), worked as an asst mgr
in the retail area, built log homes when I came out to Colorado, and have
 taken a whole bunch of courses in history throughout the years. 
	Somehow (as of the past few months) I ended back up in the computer
field. (Reformed computer geek is the best way to desribe me... ;-D).
Received my Comptia A+ cert,  and now work for  a company that
specialises in cloning software.(Fellow computer geeks might know the
name: Imagecast by StorageSoft). Will be testing for, and should  have my
MCSE by the end of next month,  so will be doing the SysAdmin thing for a
while.  Start my Cisco program this summer to get my CCNA cert. Cisco is
what provides the physical backbone for a good chunk of the Internet. 
Since I love to tinker (must be the blue collar upbringing. :D), will
probably make that my focus rather than SysAdmin type stuff. 

So..long story short: Professional Computer Geek for money, history as a
rather passionate hobby,. and a hiking bum for how I choose to spend any
free time I have. :D

Eanie, Meanie. Jelly Beanie. The spirits are about to speak!
--Bullwinkle Moose
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