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Re: [at-l] External frame packs

I searched for a comfortable pack, with an adjustable suspension system, I 
finally opted for the Dana Terraframe, is large and heavy, but it is by far 
the most comfortable pack I ever had on my back, even loaded with a lot of 
weight, it felt like a part of my body and it did not pinch my shoulders or 
rubbed on any place.

I got it at www.killerdeals.com, they exchanged the suspension straps and 
belt at not extra charge for the kind I wanted, and I had no problems at all 
with the transaction. The price I got there was 1/3 less than any other 
place I went to. Pity since I wanted to buy it from my local outfitter but, 
they weren't able to even discount the 10 % that they claim customary for 
ATC members, so I decided to do business with Western Mountain Supply.

This is the 3rd pack I bought searching for a good fit and the features I 
wanted, and I think this is it. By the way, the Dana shortbed, longbed , T1 
and terraframe, all have the same frame and suspension system, the 
difference lies in the size and configuration of the bag, pockets and such. 
Great construction quality and materials as well. I am very satisfied with 
it so far. Orens

>From: S2ndChnce@aol.com
>To: at-l@backcountry.net
>Subject: [at-l] External frame packs
>Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2000 21:16:21 EST
>My husband's backpack is about 25 years old and he contends that while it 
>in excellent condition (only a few holes), the fact that the waistbelt is
>merely webbing without any padding has led him to desire a new pack. 
>His gear is frequently deplorable. (E-mail me privately so i can tell you
>what condition the tent was in before i threw it in the garbage....and the
>risk he took when he took it with us on a trip.)
>Anyway, suggestions for a quality external frame pack that won't break the
>bank? Please let me know why you like the pack you've chosen. He wants to
>borrow mine for a canyoneering trip and it just looks odd on him (that is, 
>course, just jealousy that i'm not going on this all-male trip).
>Second Chance
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