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Re: [at-l] ATC Fundrasing

Ah ha. It's geographical bigotry. Those of us who live near Detroit (Ann 
Arbor, Chelsea) are getting left out. Yep, it is all because Detroit is 
causing a ruckus trying to convince the government that they still have a 
million people (I don't know if they do or do not. I don't care either). 
But, somehow this is spilling over to ATC and so we are catching the fall 
out. It is all a conspiracy I tell you....yah....Why if I look hard 
enough I can find that this is pre-ordained in Bible code and also 
expoused by Nostrodomus and other "seers." It all makes such perfect 

Of course it does. :)

  ** Ken **

On 3/17/2000 9:14 AM Swillsing@aol.com Swillsing@aol.com wrote:

>I still haven't gotten mine either,  :((

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