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Re: [at-l] External frame packs

In a message dated 03/17/2000 2:05:01 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
hudsom@us.ibm.com writes:

<< Jansport makes some very comfortable, reasonably priced packs >>

    I have a Jansport D-3 external frame pack which I like very much.  It has 
metal things on the hipbelt that help support the weight of the pack, and 
they work very well.  For many years, it was my only pack.  Several years 
ago, a good friend of mine who worked at Campmor convinced me to buy a 
Gregory Shasta, and I have now learned the delights of an internal frame 
pack.  Nowadays, I use the Gregory Shasta more than the Jansport D-3, but I 
often lend the Jansport D-3 to friends who come with me, and sometimes use it 
myself.  Unfortunately, for some reason that I don't understand, Jansport 
discontinued the D-3 pack about two years ago.

        Daniel Chazin
        Teaneck, NJ
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