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Re: [at-l] itinerary of itinerant

>>> ejbaker <ejbaker@sover.net> 03/16/00 11:03PM >>>
Here 'tis the first edition of maildrop schedule.  Comments please-

I don't have the detailed knowledge of recent throughhikers, but for myself, I too was planning on more like 5-8 days between resupply, rather than be frequent hostage to PO schedules and the vagaries of hitching in/out of town and such. I like the flexibility that keeps me on the trail.

And this is not to say that I disagree with Ginny's/Jack's observations about the mileage you are setting yourself up to do, either — without the mileage info between POs, though, I can't say for sure. I *can* say that once I'd built myself to where I could peel off a twenty mile day without thinking much about it (say, by Waynesboro), I was able to stack them up at will for the rest of the trip, even in the Whites, but {shudder} with the exception of [shake] the <cue swallow reflex> MAHOSUCS — which shut me down cold. (1mph with great effort.) 

And don't forget that even with maildrops, if you fall behind, you can always resupply in a town along the way, for a meal or day or two.

The single detailed thing I'd like to second is to hit Caratunk as a PO drop. It's right on the way, it's a long way from Rangley to Monson, and there's not much flexibility on that part of the trail to partial-resupply in town without a *major* diversion off trail. {Onnnnn the other hand, that might be a helluva blueblaze story later on — how you got off trail, how you got back on...Been there, told that. Fun.}

Lastly, I counted up the other day, and figured out that, between Harper's Ferry and Katahdin, I was able to shower NINE times — roughly once every 130 miles. Who says you can't keep up on your hygiene on the trail?

Good first shot, ej!
(three days from *not* hiking in 2000)

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