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Re: [at-l] itinerary of itinerant

Thanks for the mileage sanity check--I'm still figuring that one out.
	I know I'm about 2-3 weeks off, so you'll see another revision of this.
This one is mainly to finally get myself started.  I see that I should also
be putting in my town resupply days for this as well!

At 10:54 PM 3/16/00 -0500, you wrote:
>Comments in the text
>On Thu, 16 Mar 2000 20:03:21 -0800 ejbaker <ejbaker@sover.net> writes:
>> Here 'tis the first edition of maildrop schedule.  Comments please-
>> 3/30  Take off--yes am prob. doing the approach trail (what's 
>> another day> of going up, anyway)
>I've done it twice - not everyone has someone to drop them off at the
>other road, and the taxi refused to take me there.  Said the road was too
>> 1. 4/05  Hiawassee--prob. mailback point/pos. mail drop
>Too far.  Figure on only carrying about 3-5 days food at a time, except
>in the Smokies and Maine.  If you don't want to do many maildrops, then
>do more in the south, but none in the middle states. From Troutville
>north there are good stores. Before that, you can get by.
>> 2. 4/13  Fontana NC > 3. 4/19  Passover stop 
>Unless you are a trail runner, I wouldn't expect to make this kind of
>mileage. Georgia is not easy. Lots of up and down.  Most people take 2
>weeks or more to make Fontana. That would put you there for Passover -
>which would be ok if the lodge is open. Or you could do the long hitch in
>to Gatlinburg if you push it.
>> 4. 5/02  Dennis Cove Tenn  OR  5/06 Damascus VA
>That's averaging 17 mpd, including days off.  Are you in that kind of
>Need more maildrops or grocery stops in Virginia.  
> 5. 5/17  Pearisburg VA - has good grocery
> 6. 5/31  Waynesboro VA - has good grocery
>> 13. 8/08 Gorham NH
>> 14. 8/15 Rangeley Me
>> 15. 8/22 Monson Me
>Two weeks for Maine?  I don't think so.   That's prime swimming country! 
>It's also not that easy to do 20 miles a day there, especially in the
>southern part of Maine.
>Do you HAVE to hurry?  (i.e. getting back to school?) If not, SLOW DOWN. 
>The trail is too much fun to hurry.   Start slower and get into the
>rhythms. When the trail gets easier, then you can speed up to the 20 mile
>days. Starting toofast is a good way to get injured or burned out.  Most
>thruhikers' biggest regret after the trail is that they wish they had
>spent more time enjoying the trail and less time being in a hurry.
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