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Re: [at-l] itinerary of itinerant

#########Sloetoe writes:
but for myself, I too was planning on more like 5-8 days between resupply,
rather than be frequent hostage to PO schedules and the vagaries of hitching
in/out of town and such. I like the flexibility that keeps me on the trail.

Gutsy, who hiked the Trail in 1996 says that except for the few places where
one NEEDS a mail drop, she will not use them on her next thru hike because
they do force you to be in your maildrop town when the Post Office is open.
She found that she could pick up enough edibles at the various convenience
and grocery stores along the trail.  See
http://www.geocities.com/Yosemite/3524/gutsy.htm for more information.


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