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[at-l] insurance

Okay, as a very disinterested party (I already have mediocre insurance I'm
not giving up), in response to the plethora of insurance questions over the
last month, I've what seems a pretty simple solution.
	1. all hikers going on AT put themselves in a family eligibility
pool--give age, sex, past conditions etc.
	2.  all those with good policies who are planning to hike within the next
5-10 years volunteer to each adopt or marry a current thru-hiker, thereby
extending benefits for duration of hike and pos. a few months beyond while
the thru-hikers get on their feet and back to their own insurance again.
	3.  Those who have benefited now, when their "family" hikes next, have the
obligation of getting the new thru-hikers on their own insurance plan (make
sure it's as good as the one they got you!).

	How's that for a kind and caring community approach!


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