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[at-l] Ocala mini-mini Ruck

Cricket, Flamingo and I met up with Rick Bombaci this evening in Ocala, 
Florida for drinks and dinner and trail talk that went on for more than two 
hours--- enough so that the wait staff kept shooting us dirty looks (will 
they EVER leave that table?) 

Amazing, for a man who's driven from Oregon to Florida via Colorado, 
Indianapolis, Binghampton, and Harpers Ferry, that he's so full of energy! 
Rick's quite pumped about his thru, he starts Mar 20 ("first day of 
spring!"), and is VERY well organized when it comes to maildrops. Looks like 
his parents will have nothing to fear in providing him support. Cricket and 
Flamingo gave him some good pointers (ala "scare stories") about the 
trail...compared gear...even came up with a tick or two to show him (they'd 
been out hiking all day). Anyway, he's off! 

As is Tentoes... her latest email says she's on the train, en route to 
Atlanta, and expects to be getting up to Springer sometime tomorrow!

Cheers, Navigator
(Feeling that Springer Fever even worse than usual tonight!!!!)
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