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Re: [at-l] cell phones

>>> "Kenneth R. Knight" <krk@home.msen.com> 03/16/00 01:49AM 
I have been asked, asked again, and asked again, to take my cell phone on 
my AT hike. My parents are concerned. They have a right to be especially 
given that I've not done anything like this before 

1) I am NOT in favor of your carrying a cell phone.
2) In light of your request for ideas, though, here's a top-o-the-head thought:
consider carrying (or claiming to carry) the fCP till you call home and the 'rental units sound bored over the wire. 
(This WILL happen, after maybe the dozenth phonecall, where you try to impress them with the miles ["Yes, dear..."], depress them with the storms ["Oh, that's too bad, dear.."], invest them with the peak-top views ["mm-Hmm? Very nice, dear..."])
As soon as you here that, you're home free.
3) Don't give in.
4) If you do, consider carrying the fCP for "just a bit," as described in 2) above.

Being PC re the CP,

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